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  • The unique proprietary Mosey Piercing Mill allows piercing to occur at the front of our machining line.
  • Map of Mosey Manufacturing Plants in Richmond, Elwood and Dunkirk
    Mosey plants are centrally located in Indiana adjacent to major highways - saving you transportation costs!
  • Over 500,000 Sq Ft. of Manufacturing Space available to produce your precision parts.
  • We process seamless steel tubing, bar stock, cast iron, castings & forgings as our raw materials.
  • Committed to quality!  Certifications include: ISO 9001-2000,  ISO 14001: 2004, TS-16949:2009, Q1: 2002.
  • Mosey produces precision parts to your specifications using our patented processes.

World-Class Leader

World-class, ISO/TS 16949 registered leader in custom machining of all types of seamless steel tubing, bar stock, castings and forgings for the automotive and many other industries. For examples of our finished products, check our our Products section.

We Save You Money!

Our patented processes and machines are more efficient and our low curf loss cutoff process increases material savings while improving quality of product! See the raw-materials we work with.

A Legacy of Commitment

Since 1946 -  and with hundreds of years of collective experience in tooling design and high production machining. Four major plants and over 300 highly skilled machinists, we have the facilities and skills to serve you.  Interested in joining our team?  Send resume to

Mosey Manufacturing is a world-class leader in round ring product manufacturing and custom machining.

High volume machining

Our patented machines and processes produce high quality, low cost, round ring products and provide custom machining for all types of ferrous and non-ferrous seamless steel tubes, bar stock, castings and forgings.

We have four major plants ready to serve your custom machining requirements.  We employ over 300 highly skilled machinists and produce over a quarter of a million rings per day.  Interested in a career?  Apply by sending resume to

Our Products are found in Fords, General Motors, Chryslers and Nissans.

We machine seamless tubes, bar stock. castings and forgings for the automotive and many other industries.  For examples of our finished products, check our our Products section.

Transmission and Engine Parts

Products such as ring gear and sun gear blanks for transmissions, bearing races, balancer rings and cast iron cylinder liners for engines commonly benefit from our process. Our unique patented process can produce high quality parts with fewer holds and low kerf loss.

ISO Quality Certified

ISO/TS 16949:2009 Registered.

Mosey Manufacturing is ready to serve your custom manufacturing requirements. To Request a Quote or contact:

Bobby Jones - Manager of Sales and Marketing  765-983-8876 • Fax: 765-935-0927

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Did you know?

Mosey manufacturing has been in continuous operation since 1946!