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Our Products

Mosey Manufacturing can produce virtually any custom machined product made out of a variety of materials such as steel, cast iron, or stainless steel.  Here are some examples of products we have produced for our customers (Click on picture for larger image):


Ring Gears are the large gears in the differential of an automobile that is driven by the propeller shaft pinion and transmits the power through the differential to the live axle
Our process is particularly well suited to the manufacturing of narrow ring gears.
Our versatile process enables us to manufacture wider and more complex ring gears.
Sun Gears are the central gear around which the planet gears revolve.
Shafts are rotating or oscillating round, straight bar for transmitting motion and torque, usually supported on bearings and carrying gears, wheels, or like a drive shaft of an engine.
Balancer rings are pressed on to crank shafts and assembled into engines.
Bearing Cones & Cups.  Bearing Cones are the bearing's inner ring that is fixed to and/or pressed onto a rotating shaft.  Bearing cups are the bearing's outer ring that sits on the housing and remains stationary during rotation.
Bearing Races (Inner & Outer).  The large race that goes into a bore is called the outer race, and the small race that the shaft rides in is called the inner race.
Collars are used on power transmission devices as a mechanical stop, locating device, or bearing face.
Constant-velocity joints (aka CV joints) allow a drive shaft to transmit power through a variable angle, at constant rotational speed, without an appreciable increase in friction or play.    
Centrifugally cast iron engine block liner for aluminum engine blocks.
Part of a bearing.  Used to provide groove for ball bearings to travel in. 
Ring Gear with castellations.
A Starter ring gear is a medium carbon steel ring that is fitted on the periphery of a flex-plate or flywheel of an engine, mostly in automotive applications.  The teeth of the starter ring are driven by the smaller gear of the starter (the pinion)... Read more

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Did you know?

Mosey Manufacturing produces over a quarter of a million rings per day