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Our process is capable of starting with either bar stock at our Piercing Mill, Seamless tubes at our center-less saws or forgings either at our grinders.  We typically finish our process with turn and bore machines and verticals,. (Click on Picture to see larger image)

Our Processes

The unique proprietary design of our Piercing Mill allows on site piercing to occur at the front of our machining line.  Piercing bar stock is often more cost effective on specific diameters than buying tubing. These mills are not only designed and... Read more
Our centerless saw is another patented proprietary process that enables us to cut tubing or solid bar stock.  The process efficiently cuts blanks while creating superior flat and parallel faces that are square to the outside diameter.  In addition,... Read more
Mosey's patented proprietary 5-axis CNC lathe enables simultaneous turning and boring through the use of "virtual chucking" between part faces. Benefits include single hold efficient production of concentric and round diameters and completely... Read more
This cost efficient, Mosey built and operated, twin spindle, 4-axis CNC Vertical turning lathe provides for the cutting of additional characteristics to precision machined blanks as needed. 

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Mosey Manufacturing designs builds, and operates our patented machines and custom processes for superior quality, productivity, and throughput.